Ok, I know we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet, but at the studio we are looking ahead to the winter holidays and nothing stokes the Yuletide anticipation more than an Advent Calendar.  The inspiration for our advent calendar came from a visit this summer to our favorite place, Michigan's Upper Penninsula - or simply - the U.P.  Peter has cousins in Marquette whom we have been visiting for years and every time we are there we discover another reason to fall in love with the Cedar-scented forests and deep, awe inspiring waters of Lake Superior.  On this last trip we explored the Big Bay area which is nestled between beautiful Lake Independence and the commanding Lake Superior.  While driving down a back road just outside of Big Bay we stumbled on an amazing, old structure that we feel in love with. We took zillions  of pictures of the elaborately carved building and when we returned to Chicago many of those photos made their way on to our Uusi inspiration board. Not long after, it became the model for the screen printed chalet in our 2010 Uusi Advent Calendar.

Here is the gorgeous building; though quite small, it was mighty in its natural beauty and inventive, meticulous craftsmanship.