If you are headed to NY this weekend, (or are already there), this would make a cool weekend destination. For anyone interested in the artistic experience and for all serious art collectors, viewing an artist's work in their studio is an unforgettable, hugely informative experience. It is a great way to deepen and sharpen your interest, meet the artists and let your senses explore and delight in the discoveries you make.  All the artist's at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation are accomplished and worth visiting, but I personally would beeline it to Anna Kunz's studio to walk through her hypnotic, floor to ceiling, color installations. Moving through the textured, vividly painted, hanging scrims is to move through a space of infinite possibilities with hundreds of different paintings realizing themselves anew each time the light changes and the way your body moves against the curtains. Such a rare treat to suspend yourself in this sensually textured, ethereal inexactness.