Somehow, all my plans to be a travel blogger never pan out. It is not all that bad, as I tend to want to enjoy a moment more than record it, but it does make for lousy show-and-tell when I get home. I had hoped to capture all the incredible art and design discoveries and events going on last week in New York (and there were hundreds!), but instead this is just a round up of a few random highlights.  We are going back there in August and I plan to make sure I document it in full!! The red tights above belong to our NY guide, Anna Kunz.  Anna, you are the bee's knees, the monkey's eyebrows, the cat's pajamas for walking us all around New York showing us the treasures you've unearthed there.  Next time I plan to take a proper portrait photo of you. Note to self: We need to stop going to The Smile for Mimosas to start the day.Couldn't resist taking a snapshot of the legendary Chelsea Hotel.

What would NY be without a celebrity sighting or two. This was a big one - Kate Moss! She showed up at the DWR party we all went to after ICFF on Sunday. Crazy fun.

The "backyard" at the surf shop, Saturdays was the perfect, little oasis to stop and have a mid-morning coffee.

Went for a walk on the beautiful Highline Sunday afternoon. A rare moment when it wasn't raining! Oh was raining...just not as hard as the rest of the day.

Entrance-way to the Mondrian Hotel.

Imperial No. Nine seafood restaurant off the lobby of the Mondrian. A delicious, beautiful sanctuary on one of my favorite streets in NY - Crosby St. Right next door is the inspiring BDDW and at the end of the street, the always intriguing DeVera. Sadly, Ted Muheling's gorgeous studio that made this end of Crosby street such a design destination, is no longer on this block. We didn't have time to visit his new studio, but we will definitely check it out when we return in August!