We are big, BIG fans of our sister-in-law, Sara Dunham's blog, Punkin's Patch - or as we like to refer to it here at the studio - "The Patch".  If you are reading The Patch, you are Patchin', which for me, is a way of thinking about the beauty of the natural world and of simple things in our daily life - how direct they are and how that directness is magnetic. It is true. You feel, hear and see it immediately. Sara's beautiful photographs and writing style on her blog lovingly celebrate the simple yet incredibly elegant, natural world around her and without making too big of a fuss out of it, but getting it just right, she shares with us all the secrets she's uncovered from it and reminds us that it still has much to spill.  We are thrilled Sara chose our Moderne Farm box set for her give away this weekend and invite you to visit her blog and do a little Patchin' of your own :)

*Top photo of "Hank" with the sheep and bottom photo of the two horses by Sara Dunham.