AMERICANA by Russell Kerchevall of Circle City Cards.   We loved the old west, outlaw take on the court cards in Russell Kerchevall's deck. Add to that some "blood-splattered" pip cards and a played-with-hard look and you have one very cool deck.  Would make an awesome gift for Father's Day! You can find it at House of Playing Cards.

WILLIAMSBURG DECKS sent to us from one of our favorite customers, Suzanne Ellison.  As Suzanne informed us, "Both decks are replicas of playing cards printed in England for export to the colonies, hence the penalties you see printed on the packaging." My favorite part of her note on the cards was the very funny side story about purchasing them: "Gambling and betting on just about anything was rampant in England and the colonies. I had to add the emphasis because it was strongly emphasized to me by the colonial-costumed clerk at Williamsburg."  I bet! Couldn't resist the pun.  Thank you again, Suzanne - yousi are the best :)

BELGIAN PLAYING CARDS from the 1920's recently purchased on ebay. Each ace features a well-known building in Belgium, (my Dad's homeland!).  Loved the awesome little dog heads on the back of these cards.