It felt like something out of a Wes Anderson movie when we were contacted by a French journalist who said he contributed to The International Playing-Card Society's Journal and wondered if he could include our deck in their September issue. An International Playing Card Society? How quirky-cool is that!?  So we checked it out and have to say, if you are a card collector, interested in creating a deck of your own, or just want to troll through some beautiful imagery - this is a website you have to visit. We loved the History of Playing Cards section and its look at the games past and the many forms and styles it went through in its evolution to the decks and games we play with today.  They also post on new decks by artists and designers around the world.  We are definitely honored to be recognized by this wonderful, 40 year-old society. And should Wes Anderson need a quirky topic or character interest for his next movie...may we humbly suggest The Blue Bloods and The IPCS.