Mineral Tarot Cloth


Ever since we started work on our tarots we have wanted to create a tarot cloth to accompany them.  We loved the idea of creating a sacred space that was both a canvas and a portal for the mediative mind – a space cleared for introspection and focus that would enhance the content of the cards themselves.  

Long inspired by the Indian, minimalist, tantric paintings of the early 20th century that created exactly this space in the mind's eye we chose to follow this path for our design direction. Our tarot cloth has been hand-painted using water-based paints that we hand-mix at the studio from the powerful minerals Malachite and Azurite.  Minerals have long been used by artists as pigments for paint from antiquity until about the 1800's when they were largely replaced by synthetic forms.  We chose to return to these ancient mineral pigments for our tarot cloth for their natural earth tones and just as importantly, for their spiritual properties.  

Malachite: The vibrant, spiritually inviting green of Malachite which creates the outer ring on our cloth, has long been associated as a stone of protection.  It absorbs negative energies, clears and calms the mind and is the perfect stone to invite you into a meditative practice.

Azurite:  Known to activate the third eye, this mineral has strong psychic abilities that can enhance clairvoyance and intuition by stimulating the intellectual functions of our brains. It is why we chose it as the floating center color for our meditative circle.  The Azurite we chose has a violet hue that resembles the sky in the twilight hours of early morning or evening. These skies just before the sun rises and right after it sets have a magical quality to them that is at once relaxing and incredibly stimulating.

Our tarot cloths will be created in small, hand-painted editions making each cloth and edition unique.

  • dimensions: 20" x 20"
  • hand-painted with natural, mineral pigments: Malachite & Azurite
  • 100% natural cotton canvas / raw edge
  • made in small, branded editions at our studio / each cloth is unique
  • ships rolled in a tube to avoid creasing in fabric

*Items shown with the tarot cloth are not included. All our cloths are made with water-based mediums and should not be washed. They will age and take on the life you give them. This history will be their beauty and any imperfections will make each unique – like you!

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