"Eros: The Garden of Love" Tarot / 24KT Hand-Gilded


Uusi's "Eros: The Garden of Love" is a burlesque take on the original Tarot de Marseilles. A spicy tarot to remind us, all we need is love!  Artwork by Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham.

The tarot is having a moment right now, and we are excited to have been a part of its return. This timeless object of contemplation has moved out of the "New Age" dungeon and back into the modern market where it feels more relevant than ever. A soulful, mysterious, and creative way to explore our identities and creative souls. Viva Tarot!


  • SECOND Edition of 1000 / COMING IN FEBRUARY OF 2021
  • printed on luxurious, heavy, playing card stock with an embossed linen finish
  • 75mm x 130mm card size
  • 22 major arcana cards
  • 56 lower arcana cards
  • introducing a 23rd major arcana card exclusive to Uusi's tarot"The Seeker" bearing the infinity symbol
  • introducing 5 "Luna Cards" exclusive to Uusi's tarot
  • heavy paper stock for tuck
  • printed by The Expert Playing Card Company New York, NY




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