Le Jeu de Tarot / Chloé Marie Gaillard for Uusi


We are excited to launch our Invited Artist Major Arcana Series with the French Artist, Chloé Gaillard –  the first artist in this Limited Edition series that celebrates the artistry and soulful journey of the tarot. 

Chloé often paints on salvaged scraps of discarded paper and cardboard easily found and memorably reinvented as a work of art. 

We could think of no one more perfect to launch this journey than Chloé whose work joyfully embodies a free-spirited soul encountering the world on her own terms – a true explorer – whose life and art have become one. Viva tarot!

  • Limited Edition of 250
  • printed on heavy card stock
  • 75mm x 130mm card size
  • 22 major arcana cards
  • 1 bio card
  • 2 title cards
  • custom, hand-pulled, screen printed wrap on recycled, heavy paper stock
  • professionally printed
  • published by Uusi
  • made in the USA

Chloé Marie Gaillard is a French self-taught artist based in Taos, New Mexico.

She has been crafting and making art since a young age. After studying fashion in London and Paris and working for Christian Dior Couture along side with John Galliano for a couple years, she dedicated herself to painting. 

Growing up in the country side of France, in an artistic and artisan family and riding horses, her work is inspired by western art and its old masters.



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