Pagan Limited Edition Diptych Ad Card Print 2016


Created to celebrate the release of our final Limited Edition Pagan Playing Card Deck the artwork on this poster is taken from our signature diptych ad cards for that deck.

The black wolves in the painting are named "Geri" and "Freki", (both meaning "the ravenous" or "greedy one"), whose myth is often connected to beliefs surrounding Germanic "wolf-warrior bands" where they were said to roam the battlefields "greedy for the corpses of those who have fallen in battle."

From the impish joker that starts the Pagan deck to the ravenous wolves at it's end, Pagan is an ode to the epic and yet everyday reality of life and death all wrapped up in one handsome and highly playable deck of cards. 

  • limited edition of 50
  • 12" x 9"
  • professionally printed on luxurious, archival art paper stock
  • signed and numbered by artists
  • made in the USA


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