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We have been waiting for our copy of Remodelista's first book to become available ever since they contacted us back in January with the news that we had been included in their list of best designed, everyday objects called, The Remodelista 100 and then...this week we were notified that the copy we had per-ordered back in the summer was now headed our way!! The book arrived yesterday and did not disappoint – it is a truly stunning design inspiration and resource manual that was well worth the wait! 

We love the books Foreword written by Julianne Moore, a closet design-oenophile whose warm & relate-able intro underlines what we all have gone through when trying to source and tackle the ultimate job of creating livable, affordable and inspiring sanctuaries for ourselves, and sets the stage for the hint of glamor that fills every page after.  Gorgeous photography, inspired instruction, wonderfully written and elegantly laid out, this is bound to be a design source book classic. We are honored to be included in this timeless, beautiful and above all, useful manual.  Our humble thanks to the Remodelista team and a special thank you to Megan Wilson of, who curated and wrote the brilliant and witty copy for the Remodelista 100 list – her paragraph on our Puukko Knife Rack was flat-out perfection that we cannot resist including below. 

"...Although the magnetized Puukko knife rack is sleek and modern in appearance, its wood is rather ancient. Reclaimed from early-twentieth century Chicago water towers, the cypress and redwood were already about three hundred years old when they were milled. That means Galileo was looking up at the stars when these trees began their lives."  



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We are super excited to see our Bohemia deck in Anthropologie's Holiday 2013 line-up!  We think they are a perfect fit for this trend-setting company whose buyers have always had an eye for the artistic and "bohemian". Many thanks Anthropologie for looking our way!!

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It was pure joy to have our Moderne Wood Animal sculptures included in Monocle Magazine's October issue!  We love this magazine's fearless enthusiasm for hunting down and taking the pulse of the creative communities and global issues that effect us all and how, in a quick-scan era, they unashamedly slow down to examine the people and topics they cover in depth. A refreshing and enormously influential publication that will keep you informed, entertained and on top of your game! 


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This summer has blown by in a whirl of new projects we have been working on for Uusi as well as for some new companies we are excited to be creating products for! We can't wait to share all of them with you in the weeks ahead, but want to start out with a look at some of the artwork we created for our latest Uusi deck, Blueblood Redux.  Shown above are the new animals created for the Ace of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds.  All the artwork was created using color pencil, ink and soft pastel and we think the combination of these mediums helps to give Blueblood Redux it's signature, other-worldly look! You can check out more of the deck that is currently funding on Kickstarter right here: Blueblood Redux 


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