Limited Edition Letterpress Print, "The Secret"

We are excited to announce a Limited Edition Letterpress print series from our recently released, "Supra" Oracle deck.  This series launched with the print titled, "The Secret," taken from original hand-inked artwork by Peter Dunham that was originally used on the 4 Jungian "Type" cards in our "Supra" Oracle.

Using the hypnotic and fluid imagery of drapery and expressive hand gesture to illustrate each Type and its mysterious presence within our characters, "The Secret" unfolds around a greater secret – an ancient, mandala-like maze at the center of the print.

"The secret's still deeper secret is the gateway through which all miracles emerge." –Tao Te Ching

Next in our series from "Supra" will be a print suite of the Sacred Geometry Cards.  Each print in the series will be letterpressed and hand-painted using hand-ground minerals that relate to each form.  We can't wait to release them end of April and if you want to be one of the first to catch them, just follow us over on Instagram @uusidesignstudio