Sonomama - Los Angeles, CA
OK the Store - Los Angeles, CA
The Philosophical Research Society - Los Angeles, CA
Kitkitdizzi - Nevada City, CA
Homestead Apothecary - Oakland, CA
Yonder Shop - Pacifica, CA
The Perish Trust - San Francisco, CA
Art of Play - San Diego, CA

Ritualcravt - Wheat Ridge, CO

Kae Apothecary - Mt. Vernon, IA

Asrai Garden - Chicago, IL

Ritual Arts - Allston, MA
Circle of Stitches - Salem, MA

Windows of the Sky - Rockland, ME
The Lady in the Moon - Portland, ME

Boston Tea Room - Ferndale, MI

Eye of Horus Metaphysical - Minneapolis, MN

Everyday Magic - Durham, NC

Next Millennium Books & Gifts - Omaha, NE

Catland Books - Brooklyn, NY

Chariot Spirit + Home - Astoria, OR
The Northwest Trading Post - Bend, OR
Psychic Sister - Portland, OR
New Renaissance Bookshop - Portland, OR
Altar PDX - Portland, OR

Juju - Pittsburgh, PA

Psychic Sister - Olympia, WA

Within Things - Sturgeon Bay, WI


Shifting Worlds - Melbourne, VIC
Shackpalace Rituals - Byron Bay, NSW
Two Sides Tarot - Sydney, NS


The Good Spirit - Vancouver, BC
Blackbird Vintage Finds - Toronto, ON


A-Tarot - China online


Black Moon Botanica - Edinburgh, UK
Little Red Tarot - UK online

House of Formlab - Netherlands
Tarot.NL - Netherlands online

Museo Del Tarot - Madrid, Spain
Delish - Madrid, Spain
Grey Street - Barcelona, Spain

Hallesches Haus - Berlin, Germany

Tarotpuoti - Hämeenlinna, Finland


Nichiyu - Tokyo, Japan


Arquetípica - Mexico online


Love Magic Sparkles - Singapore online