Bohemia LE Smooth Tuck / 24kt GILDED


Uusi was the first and to date, the only contemporary design studio to hand-gild decks using 24KT gold or sterling silver leaf that is applied with a 400+ year-old, traditional hand-gilding technique.  Each gilded deck is a rare and unique work of art that requires days of skilled labor to complete.  As beautiful as they are playable, and made with an exceptionally high attention to detail and quality, our Limited Edition gilded decks are one of the most sought-after decks in the playing card market.

  • Bohemia LE Rare Smooth Tuck 24KT hand-gilded deck / Edition of 50
  • Special numbered and coded seal.

Please note:  Gilded decks are not always in stock and there may be a short wait after placing your order to receive your deck. Because our gilded decks are created by hand using traditional gilding methods they require 1 week for the 24KT leaf to set before we can ship it out.  Your card will be charged at time of purchase and the deck will ship 1 week after the order has been placed.

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