Mica Mineral Tarot Cloth


Ever since we started work on our tarots we have wanted to create a tarot cloth to accompany them.  We loved the idea of creating a sacred space that was both a canvas and a portal for the meditative mind – a space cleared for introspection and focus that would enhance the content of the cards themselves.  Long inspired by the Indian minimalist, tantric paintings of the early 20th century that created exactly this space in the mind's eye we chose to follow this path for our design direction.

Our tarot cloth has been hand-pulled at the studio using water-based paints that we hand-mix with the powerful mineral Mica added to them.  Minerals have long been used by artists and healers for their natural earth tones and just as importantly, for their spiritual properties.  

Mica: Mica is found in granite and schist – metamorphic rock which makes up the Earth's crust.  This type of rock is formed in a transformation process where metamorphosis of existing rocks happens through the intense heat and/or pressure within the Earth's core. 

Mica is a mineral that has reflective qualities said to enhance our understanding of ourselves allowing us to learn how to accept our flaws with kindness and work on destructive personality traits. It enhances intuition and deepens the mystic experience. Mica shields against jealousy, anger and violence. Physically, Mica is used with insomnia. It benefits the digestive system and keeps blood sugar levels steady. It improves concentration & memory; improves stamina and strength. 

The image on our cloth is meant to resemble the lunar surface, as the moon creates the rhythm and cycles on our planet, both physically and emotionally, and thus the cloth symbolizes a temporal space for readings and self-learning to occur.

We chose gold as it was long considered by alchemists to be the metal that most symbolized the transmutation, purification and perfection of the mind, spirit and soul. It is also a solar energy that balances the lunar energy of the moon symbol. 

Finally, the circle is the classic shape used in devotional/spiritual spaces to define and protect the mind and soul. It is a symbol of the divine and eternal in all of us.

Our tarot cloths are created in small, hand-pulled editions making each cloth and edition unique.

  • dimensions: 20" x 20"
  • hand-pulled with natural, Mica mineral and water based color pigments
  • 100% heavy cotton canvas  / pre-washed with raw edge
  • made in small editions at our studio / each cloth is unique
  • wrinkles in fabric are part of the washing process that lend beauty and character to each canvas surface

*Items shown with the tarot cloth are not included.

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