For me, a studio is a space to create inspired fantasy, play with forms, delight in the use of color and work without limitations or inhibitions. It celebrates the small and the rare. It welcomes the fantastical and impractical as much as it demands the concrete and refined. It is a space of limitless possibility where intuition guides use, materials and techniques and respects the imaginative process by creating a world where something special can be pulled out of the ordinary. 

It seemed only fitting then, that when considering my first print series for Uusi, my inspiration would come from the myths, fables and folktales of my childhood. These written tales and their artful, fantastical illustrations were my first introductions to a world of make-believe and the power it has to enliven and change the world around you. They created a place in my mind that became hungry for abstract and mysterious things that eventually needed to take on shape, color and meaning. 

The "Make-Believe" print series is the shape and color of those early thoughts. It is a refined abstraction of the "pretend and play". In it's physical form, it references those old tales and fables and makes them new again through graphic, modern imagery and bold, edited use of color and technique that gives them an updated, decorative use in our lives.





Linnea Gits is an artist working in the field of design.  Her sculpture and drawings have been exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and her illustrations & design work have appeared in publications such as The New York Times and been commissioned by clients such as Herman Miller, Chronicle Books, Sharpie and Prismacolor.  

Linnea lives and works in Chicago and is one of the founding partners at Uusi. Along with her partner, Peter Dunham, she creates exclusive designs for the modern market for companies such as Design Within Reach as well as for her own company, Uusi, and private clients.

You can contact Linnea at