Pagan Otherworlds Tarot



A groundbreaking tarot by the designers and artists Linnea Gits and PeterDunham introduces a 23rd Higher Arcana card, "The Seeker," and five "Luna Cards" – all original to the tarot format created by Uusi and found exclusively in Uusi's "Pagan Otherworld's Tarot."

All imagery in this 84 card deck is hand-painted using traditional oils by 

Linnea Gits and all copy is hand-lettered by Peter Dunham. The deck's 

inspiration is the soulful spirit of nature, early Celtic mysticism, and 

Renaissance paintings' luminous beauty.

The tarot is having a moment right now, and we are excited to have been a part of its return. This timeless contemplative object has moved out of the "New Age" dungeon and back into the modern world, where it feels more relevant than ever. Tarot is a soulful, mysterious, and creative way to explore our identities, connections to each other, and this beautiful world we all share. Viva Tarot! 


  • 7th Edition
  • printed on premium playing card stock with an embossed linen finish
  • 75mm x 130mm card size
  • 22 major arcana cards
  • 56 lower arcana cards
  • introducing a 23rd major arcana card exclusive to Uusi's tarot"The Seeker" bearing the infinity symbol
  • 5 silver holographic "Luna Cards"
  • tuck box has a heavy paper stock with gold foil embossing
  • printed by The Expert Playing Card Company New York, NY


 **"Notes From The Pagan Otherworlds" book sold separately.


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