We loved seeing all the Uusi pieces at the Haworth Furniture showroom for this year's NeoCon.  Many thanks to the the always inspiring designer, Lydia Esparza, for using our prints, wood animal sculptures and even our playing card decks to accessorize the award winning showroom that featured the beautiful work of the Spanish designer and architect, Patricia Urquiola.  And congratulations to Haworth and Patricia Urquiola for receiving the Best of Show and Best of NeoCon Gold in the Collaborative Collection category.  Was so much fun to be a small part of it all!


I spy a Royal Optick Playing Card deck on that lovely table at the entrance to the showroom ;)

"Rapunzel" from our Make Believe Limited Edition Print suite at Haworth's front desk.

The cheeky royals from the One-Off, Hotcakes Heart suite float on the wall in one of their new office / workspace environments.

Some of the animal sculptures from our "Moderne Wood" and "Moderne Farm" series that were placed around the showroom.

Our "Loteria" prints in another office / workspace environment.

Another print from our Make Believe series, "The Frog Prince" in one of the Openest work stations that were part of the award winning collection by Patricia Urquiola.