Uusi for 52 Plus Joker 2020 Club Deck / Signed by Peter Dunham & Linnea Gits


Every year the esteemed playing card collector club, 52+Joker, chooses a world reknown playing card designer to create a club deck for them.  In 2020 Uusi was chosen.  We hand-inked artwork for printing plates to give a traditional, woodcut-look to the deck and used a crinkle, gold foil for the tuck box interior.


  • Only 60 signed decks available exclusively on our website, from a Limited Edition, one-time run of 1000 decks.
  • 52 playing cards / 2 jokers
  • custom seal on tuck box
  • luxurious, heavy paper stock with an embossed design and gold foil on the interior
  • printed with Expert Playing Card Company

 *Side panels of tuck box will have the artist's signatures on them.

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