Everything at one time or another has started out small.  Being little is a wonderful thing.



You actually get to play because really, no one is watching. 




But at some point or another all successful ideas become watched and it is what the creative’s behind these ideas we become interested in do once they have an audience that makes their stories so compelling.

At Uusi we find that the artists and designers who choose to remain “small” the longest are the ones we enjoy watching the most. It seems they have chosen to keep the playful spirit of the unwatched days alive so they can grow their ideas in a thoughtful environment unhurried by the marketplace.




They don’t mind being an entity of one, or a venture of two or three. It is not the size of their company or studio that matters – it is the quality of the work and the ability to control every aspect of its creation from concept through to production.

People find them by word of mouth and pass their findings along like a secret treasure they want to keep hidden and protect for as long as they can. We become possessive of these treasures – they are more than just commodities – as they speak to our pioneer roots that hold a very buoyant hope that we are more than just consumers, that life is worth the meaningful effort and it’s reward is one of discovery. 



With Uusi we have created a place to pass some of our discoveries along to you. Some of the items offered here will be our own and some will be from artists and designers who inspire us. We hope to surprise, delight and reward you with a unique discovery you can take home, or just take note of.