BRuT Tarot


The Future Enters Us.  As a divination medium, the tarot can be a powerful, meditative tool that allows the future to step inside you. Though few of us are gifted with telepathic powers learning about and understanding these universal symbols and their meaning can be a powerful, reflective experience that teaches you to know yourself better, which in turn will naturally reveal the truth inside and ahead. Tarot is the perfect deck to find the secret passageways to the eternal future. As the old masonic saying goes, "If you follow the secret way, you will find the shortest road."


  • first edition print run of 3000
  • printed on premium quality, linen finish playing card stock
  • original artwork taken from hand-painted illustrations by the artist, linnea gits
  • 21 major arcana cards
  • 1 fool card
  • 56 french suit-style cards
  • 3 uusi ad cards that form a triptych
  • 9 uusi art cards that form a heavenly panoramic
  • printed by the expert playing card company

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