Materia Prima: An Expression of Matter


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  • First Edition / Limited Edition of 2000
  • printed on luxurious, heavy playing card stock with an embossed linen finsih
  • 75mm x 130mm card size
  • 84 cards
  • 28 of the 84 cards in this deck have a special, holographic gold foil on them
  • tuckbox printed on heavy paper stock with gold foil embossing
  • printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, New York, NY


And so it is, all things in life are collective. Nature is inescapably cooperative. We share with the stars, the clouds, the bees and each other the same elements that create the complex world we live in. This cooperative endeavor is what forms life and is the bewitching mystery of the Periodic Table – the Materia Prima of our unified existence.

This powerful message of unification that circles throughout the Table of Elements is what inspired us to create "Materia Prima." This deck is an expression of the Periodic Table concentrated in a deck of 84 cards.  Each chosen element is given its part in the cosmic play of Life, conjuring matter in the soulful, playful language of the imagination.

Printed on a luxurious, heavy playing card stock that is an exclusive stock for our tarots, inside a richly embossed and intricately foiled tuck box, this deck is a handsome companion for your meditative, tarot practice.

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